Go for a dizzying walk with REMI for their ‘Substance Therapy’ clip


A collaborative effort between REMI and Sensible J, the track ‘Substance Therapy’ is out now not only to listen to but also to see as it comes with a fresh music video.

The track itself is about substance abuse to treat depression or more specifically the feelings one has coming down after drinking and doing drugs to mask depression. The rhymes come fast with great flow for the verses and rapped part of the hook, the hook also has a sung part which while short adds just a bit more to an already solid track by being catchy and relevant. Remi on ‘Substance Therapy’ says:

“depression is a demon in a scream mask, brandishing a hunting knife. When I take drugs, or drink it’s the equivalent of giving that motherfucker the coordinates to my house. It just makes everything so much worse. This is basically the sound of coming down.”

The video features Remi stumbling through different scenery with several close up shots to break up the video. It’s well shot and while it isn’t the most outlandish video it’s still a nice addition to accompany the song.

When talking about the process of getting this track done here is a quote from producer Sensible J:

“this joint is supposed to sound hectic and anxious, to match the lyrical content from Rem. Very repetitive with the lil sample chops, and heavy bass stabs done on a Moog “Lil Phatty” by the man Dutch (peace bro!) When Rem added the “Blow your money” singing, I had to step up and add some changes to the bass notes. This beat has been sitting around for 3-4 years, and I’m glad it’s going on this release.”

Words by Aiden Benavides



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