Emma Louise’s magic carpet ride through Brisbane

emmalBrisbane songstress and all-round Australian legend, EMMA LOUISE, has just dropped her second full-length album, Supercry.

It comes after an already massive year for Louise, with a full Groovin The Moo tour; a spot at this year’s Splendour In The Grass; and her previous singles;‘Underflow’ and ‘Talk Baby Talk’ has been streamed over 2 million times worldwide.

Emma has come a long way, but she has a deep connection to her home and her home city, Brisbane. We asked if she’d be interested in taking us around her fair city, and lucky for us, Emma‘s got her own magic carpet to show us around. We’ll say no more, just jump on board…

“Oh so you’re in Brisbane?

Well then – come with me on a magic ride through my home town. Here is my magical carpet – broom broom. Ye. Get on. Right up there. Yep. watch your step. Cool man, let’s get going

Well, first off let’s go straight to Shouk. It’s the best cafe in the world. Voted best cafe in the world last year. Cool vibe, great food, great people. Yep, get on in there and order some mo fuggin’ smashed avo. Yes, and get ready for the best smashed avo you’ve ever tasted. I have a few hobbies- one of them is smashed avocado. Erry-day. And this is the best smashed avo I have EVER had. That’s a big deal. Go on bunny bear, try it for yo self.


Okay, well now you’ve done that. That’s great. You’ve experienced Brisbane at its finest. So relax. You’ve already peaked.

Now let’s get back on the furry fur express and choof our way on down and across to West End. Well it’s a pretty great place. Take a stroll down Boundary Street. Go into Avid Reader and have a squizz around the bookshop and have another coffee – buy a book and have lunch even. If you’re feeling a bit thinky – head on up to highgate hill and chill there for a while. Maybe bring a picnic or a guitar. Okay now quickly! Get out of West End before it swallows you whole. You’ll never leave if you fall in love there.


So here we are, I teleported you to Sourced Grocer in Tenerife. Oh shit – wait a minute – they changed their menu and don’t have smashed avocado anymore. Maybe they’ll bring back the smashed avocado one day…

Zap! oh great, here we are at the Old Museum. Well there’s no smashed avo here, but I just remembered we’ve already had lunch. So let’s just chill out in the orange flower dome. And maybe have another coffee from the museum collective coffee shop. Just chill here for a bit mannnnnnnnnn. Lay on the green green grass and relax… Okay well, that’s done. Our mind is too busy to actively try to relax here.


Looks like it’s lunch time. Well lucky for you I have my zoomy fluff carp here to take us right down express lane over to Little Loco for lunch. Oooo here we are… its real nice here. Order some food…. it’ll be delicious and you’ll be comforted to know that such delicious food can also be SO HEALTHY. Completely healthy in fact. But be careful if you are ordering the blood bank beetroot juice – be sure not to be wearing a completely white outfit.

little loco

Okay well I’m buggered and my magic carpet is really tired too, so I’m gonna have to drop you guys off. See ya. You’re in New farm which is pretty central. Just use google maps and you can find your way around. laters- I gotta go to Pho Thai Spa for the rest of the day to spoil myself. And then feel really guilty afterwards.”





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