Stoney Roads launches Australia’s first ever electronic Music Directory


Electronic music blog (and our great friends) STONEY ROADS have just launched Australia’s first free electronic music directory. A place that artists and other music professionals can find other people within the industry to connect and further their careers.

Stoney Roads have launched something great for anyone within the electronic music industry, the goal is to create a website where an artist can find any business people they need and vice versa, this ranges from bookers, labels and promoters to mix and recording engineers. This should help people of all skill levels within the music industry to find people with skill sets that they personally require.

Some of the names that feature (so far) on the directory include; Falcona, Kosher, Boundary Sounds, October Records; and a couple of names you’ll see at our Tenth Birthday eventUndr CTRL, Astral People, Motorik, Pilerats, Plastic World, et al.

The Stoney Roads team have said of the project:

“A few months back, we came up with a crazy idea to create an Australian electronic music directory. The idea was to not only help people to connect but also help aspiring artists + music lovers and aspiring music industry job hunters understand the roles that connect an artist’s career together.
Fast forward to today and we’ve successfully created Australia’s first FREE electronic music directory.”

The music directory can be found at and is free to sign up for.

Words by Aiden Benavides



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