Introducing Arizona Thursdays; something for every Melbournian


Have you ever gone out to a club, dancing to some electro beats, wishing you could get down to some dirty hip hop? Ever been getting low in the club wishing you could boogie to some sweet disco tunes? Well Melbourne partiers you no longer have to have these troubles, because our friends at Laundry Bar have you covered.

Introducing ARIZONA THURSDAYS – a night for everyone. Arizona Thursdays will be launching this week, and is different to anything you’ve ever seen at Laundry Bar. Think of a variety of music across two rooms, including hip hop, rap, house and disco. The night will start off with some chilled beats and hip hop, so you can relax as you sip on vodkas, or share a jug with a mate. Then, as the night progresses, you can get down and boogie to some disco house. And finally, finish the night off with some fresh techno beats. Oh, did we mention it’s free?

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They also have a few surprises in store, including some trippy visuals by Melbourne’s finest artists. They’ve also put together a tasty soundcloud page to get you in the mood, which you can listen to here. Doors open at 9pm, so get down to Laundry Bar and support your locals.

Words by Julia Insolia




A young music enthusiast that’s too awkward to say hi in person, but will happily eat three dinners in front of you. Loves open spaces and dark nightclubs, and is at her best when intoxicated.