Huntly level up with debut EP ‘Feel Better Or Stop Trying’


Melbourne trio HUNTLY have been around for about three years now, but it’s with the release of their debut EP last month that they become a force to be reckoned with on a whole new level.

Six tracks of emotive, vulnerable and self-aware dance music, Feel Better Or Stop Trying, serves as a raw but refined, DIY but polished work of art that has been a long time coming – and sounds so damn good.

Grappling with lost lovers and their own minds, Huntly combine downtempo and analog electronica with RnB flavours and modern flourishes to deliver such an impressive collection of songs that it’s really hard to believe this is their first record.

From the opening and stunning ‘Heavy Sometimes’ to ‘Singing Surts’ that both use voices as instruments and delve into experimental ground, whilst ‘We Made It’ and ‘Sunday Sheets’ are emotional and uplifting (although the lyrics are not exactly) RnB dance tunes, with left-field ‘Anyone’s Summer’ and ‘Lusty’ thrown in for good and seductive measure, there is so much going on. However, such is the dynamic the trio have that everything blends and flows together, each element combining to breathe as one.

Nearly Oratorio/I’lls/Kllo maestro Simon Lam had a hand in mastering this EP, but most of it came from the blood, sweat and tears of Huntly themselves.

From Elly Scrine‘s spine-tingling voice to their almost rave beats at times into downtempo lo-fi vibes, not to mention lyrics that cut to the core of you – Feel Better Or Stop Trying shows off the trio as the fresh and exciting addition they are. Not only to their native Melbourne scene (where they sold out their EP launch), but Australia and beyond as well. Don’t sleep on these guys!

Words by Emma Jones

Photo Credit: Alan Weedon




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