Clipping release the fast and harsh, ‘Wriggle’ EP


Los Angeles harsh noise rap trio CLIPPING comprised of Tony award winning rapper Daveed Diggs alongside producers William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes, have come out with a new project called Wriggle EP.

If you are new to Clipping the basic principle of their music is to merge the worlds of harsh noise with hip hop, Wriggle EP is not exception, when listening to this EP you will hear fast raps on top of beats comprised of everything from harsh feedback to classic drum machines.

Going track by track, ‘Intro’ starts off the EP in a similar fashion to Clippings other projects by having Daveed rap insanely fast before having a screeching noise end the track. ‘Shooter’ is the first track with a proper beat behind it and it’s one that has a catchy lead synth and gun sounds replacing the drums.

‘Back up’ featuring Antwon and Signor Benedick the Moor is more abrasive by having the beat be comprised of distorted percussion hits that sound like they are ripped from an industrial workplace. The title track ‘Wriggle’ features some heavy bass drums as the foundation for chopped up vocal samples, wailing feedback and acid house synth lead with Daveed spitting rapid fire as per usual.

‘Hot Fuck No Love’ featuring Cakes da Killa and Maxi Wild is an explicit song in subject and the production is fitting, the entire track is dirty and fast paced with these samples that sound like they are straight out of a phone sex line.

The final track is ‘Our Time’ featuring Naliah Middleton which has the most crackling noise on the EP but has an interesting contrast between the rough sounding beat with sections of emotive singing vocals that the beat merges surprisingly well with.

The work done on this EP from the vocals to the production have the signature Clipping sound to them, but this EP also has a lot of different experimental sounds that isn’t normally heard on a Clipping project like the emphasis on having the fast pace 808 drum kits as the main section of a track. Overall Wriggle EP is a great addition to the discography of Clipping and I’m looking forward to their next project already.

Words by Aiden Benavides



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