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Although our Tenth Birthday celebrations are an opportunity to look back and reflect on our insane past, it’s also a chance to look forward to the future of Purple Sneakers and the music we feel will be pioneered across the world very soon.

We have a number of emerging acts on the Tenth Birthday bill, and in the leadup to the party we’re going to get you all acquainted with the new sounds we love. So far we’ve looked at MEZKO and Dual Point – and today we get an extra insight into the lovely TASHKA.

With clear influences from R&B to classic soul, Tashka has already been releasing blissful, spacious soundscapes through her previous single. She’s offering a unique take on electronica, with intricate structures and layered samples, blending with warm textural synth lines. She has a new EP almost ready, but before that happens, let’s get to know more about Tashka.

Purple Sneakers: Names?
Tashka: The live show right now includes Mitch who plays all the things (guitar/bass/synth/samples), Andy is the Drummer, and I sing and play keys.

Where are you from?
Sydney, the inner west.

What’s your story?
I’ve been producing and writing my own music for a while now. I grew up having singing and piano lessons, then went on to study music after high school. I dropped out of college and decided if I really wanted to do this on my own I needed to throw myself into it wholeheartedly, which scared the shit out of me (laughs)

I released my first single ‘Taken’ just over a year ago which PS premiered actually! Then later last year the follow up ‘Each Time’. Since then I finally finished my first EP which will be out soon. All the tracks are new, and I feel like it’s a much better reflection of the direction I want to keep moving in.

How would you describe your music?
I guess technically I’d say pop/electronic? I’ve heard a lot of different genres thrown around in reference, but to me mostly it feels electronic. Right now at least.

What are your influences?
Biggest influences would definitely be Thom Yorke, Kimbra and Prince. I really look up to them in so many ways, I’ve listened to their albums probably close to a billion times and every listen feels new and challenges my perception of music.

Favourite local act? 
I think Wallace is really cool, she’s got such a unique sound. Also Fortunes (from Melbourne, not so local) I’m pretty obsessed with their music, one of the best voices I’ve heard too.

What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 10?
Ever since I could remember I wanted to write and perform my own music, so It’s pretty cool to be doing that at any level. I couldn’t imagine not doing something music related. Although being an Astronaut would be up there.

Catch Dual Point alongside a whole plethora of legends at Vivid Presents: Purple Sneakers Tenth Birthday, at the Lord Gladstone, Saturday June 18th. It’s FREE but you must RSVP HERE.

Watch this space for more artists we want you to ‘Get To Know’.

Words by Tom Hutchins




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