RKDA’s top tracks to keep you motivated


Melbourne three-piece RKDA haven’t been around for that long, but they’ve already made a name for themselves, not only with their infectious sound, but with their workhorse attitudes.

We already have a very impressive debut EP to flog, and RKDA have followed that up with plenty of live shows to support it. We have word the team are constantly writing, even when they’re split across different parts of the world.

We think that’s a bloody good accomplishment, so we asked band members Guy and Laura to give us the low down on what songs get them kicked into gear and keep RKDA moving up through the industry one step at a time. Listen to their choices below, we know it’s kept us going all afternoon.

Contrast – Livewire

“My favourite Melbourne shoegaze outfit Contrast put this out not long ago, i was gutted to hear they almost lost their recordings little while ago, but now this is out my mouth is watering for the rest of the record!”

Dear Plastic – Zero

“I think the intro to this is unsettlingly cool and the cacophonous wall of sound it builds into is just awesome. If you like a bit of baroque or avant-pop, this is a huge treat to listen to on headphones.”

HAMJAM – Cooked

‘When I’m in my bed at night, I dream of your friends lah lah lah’. I’m obsessed with this song; the lyrics, the kraut-ness of it… let alone it sounds amazing. Great for late night drives or dancing in your socks.”

Seekae – Stars Below

“It’s dark, it’s gritty and it’s not overly complicated by sounds. The production is spot on! It grabs me right from the beginning. It sounds like they’re putting a record on. It has this short lo-fi sound before going into a smoother sound. Everything is balanced really well. It’s kind of like there are two individual vocals in your left and right ear. They’re slightly imperfect, which kind of makes them perfect. The song has a really intimate feeling. It makes the song feel really personal – I feel like I’m being taken on an emotional journey. I can listen to it when I’m cleaning around the house or getting ready for a dirty night out. It’s a perfect all rounder and I just want to put it on repeat!”

Nonku Phiri – Things We Do On The Weekend

“I’ve been getting a lot more into kind of underground club sounding tunes. I really like this track by Nonku Phiri. It’s dark and dirty yet really dancey. I just want to grind to it. Although it’s slow tempo, I also feel like there are some nice speedy parts. I love listening to a track and picturing all the choreography in my head. I could never execute it, but I can always pretend. Being in a dance squad is another dream of mine. Perhaps it’s what I’ll do next.”

Mïnk – Who Are You?

“Kind of like the Seekae track, this one is pretty minimal. The guy’s vocals in this track is phenomenal – that falsetto! It also has a sick wobbly dirty bass – I love listening to all the weird sounds you would never think of putting in.”

LA Priest – Mountain (Jam City Remix)

“This has a post-punk vibe to it. I love it. That cross over between post-punk and electronic is one of my favourite things. It has a really down tempo vibe. I’m all about the feels. I want to feel something when I listen to a song and to be able to evoke that without the use of lyrics is really important to me. Words mean nothing if there’s not feeling behind it. The way you sing something or play something can really change the emotion and movement of a song. The vocals to this one come in right at the end and it sounds like they’ve been recorded under water. It’s a really cool effect.”

Lorn – Acid Rain

“This is a collective favourite of hours. There was a while there that we wouldn’t work on anything until we had listened to this song. We’d generally watch the video clip every food break. The kick in this could knock you out. The scary drone like sounds and the high brass/string like synths mixed with the breathy high vocals are killer. The breathy vocals also inspired my high vocal line for ‘Coffee’.”

Two Fingers – Adrian’s Rhythm

“I found this one on Soundcloud and become instantly obsessed. I play it in nearly every mix I do. It’s such a cool high energy track. I’ve wanted to make a song with a similar method, but haven’t quite mastered it yet. If you listen to the track it’s basically the same the whole way through. Different parts are added in here and there, but the real ‘core structure’ behind the song is the same throughout. It goes to show that one good hook can be carried out for a couple of minutes and never get boring if it’s executed right! Tricky to do, especially as there are no lyrics to the song. Argh golly…. I’m listening to it right now on my way from uni and I just want to get home to my studio and right. It inspires me every time I listen.”

Catch RKDA as they launch their CS EP alongside Aeora & more on Saturday May 28th at Shebeen, Melbourne.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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