Aeora’s Who Runs The World? (Girls) Mixtape


AEORA is a fresher face to the game, but she’s already making waves with her latest single, ‘Medicine’.

It’s a track we loved, if you missed it, here’s what we said: “‘Medicine’ is all haunting space and darkened rooms. It seethes with raw emotion, sharp edges and intensity. Throughout Aeora‘s sense of timing is impeccable, the song rising and falling but never once losing it’s grip on you.”

Although she’s already creating her own soundscapes, Aeora has taken cues from other amazing artists from her and abroad, and because of that she’s offered us a look into her influences with the ‘Who Runs The World?’ mixtape. It’s girls, by the way. Obvs.

If you’re looking for a powerful playlist full of legends of the game right now, Aeora and the below mix has you covered.

“Heya, I’ve just made this and yay. I wish I could have Tswizzle and Beyonce on here but they’re not on SoundCloud.”Aeora

BANKS ‘Brain’

“Honestly this song is amazing. This acoustic version really shows you how amazing her vocals are and just how much emotion she puts behind it all. BANKS is killing it 10x over and I’m just the biggest fan. Her high vocals give me shivers, and then those loud vocals makes me want to climb a mountain. Yeah go BANKS.”

JOY. ‘About Us’

“This is such a great song. All her songs are fabulous though. I love love love the vocals in this; everything is so cinematic and beautiful. And I love the drum tracks. She’s just got everything perfecto – it’s great. I don’t know what else I could say about it haha, just got a lot of love for every one of her songs.”

BUOY ‘Cloud & Rain’

“This is really diverse and I love it. I’ve been listening to a few of her songs and she has this really beautiful voice and then she mixes it really nicely with these sometimes heavy synths. It’s kind of dark but really pretty.”

Banoffee ‘With Her’

“One of my favourites of Banoffee‘s. She has this really fragile voice and I really dig when she puts this emotion in with it all. It’s really great. I love the bounciness of the song. The bass is really bouncy throughout the verses and then it just gets it in the chorus’ with the simpleness of the piano and the beats. Loooove it.”

Lupa J ‘Numb’

“A song I’ve been listening too quite a bit (apart from Bey’s new album which is great btw). This song gets me going and makes me feel a lot of emotions. The production on this is so perfect, and I love that part at like 2:28 beaauitifuuul.”

Dua Lipa ‘Be The One’

“My gosh this song is so catchy. This is such a pop tune and I love it. Kinda makes me want me to start dancing and karaoke-ing this. Yes.”

Marina and The Diamonds ‘E.V.O.L’

Marina has been such a big alternative pop influence on me. Her vocals are so unique and magical and her lyrics are so poetic at times. ‘L-o-v-e e-v-o-l…love is evil’ is so brilliant.”

Tkay Maidza ‘Switch Tape’

“Tkay is killing it. She made this mixtape and it’s great. My favourite song of hers right now is ‘Ghost’, just ‘cos it’s catchy as and her rap just rolls right on top and is really cool.”

KUČKA ‘Honey’

“Kucka is oh so sweet. I love this vibe and her fragile vocals work so well. I’ve chilled out so many times to this song lately.”