Golden Vessel and Lastlings combine for dreamy single, ‘Never Know’

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GOLDEN VESSEL has come out with the second single off his upcoming debut EP Before Sleep. ‘Never Know’ features the sweet vocals and dreamy guitar work of Gold Coast sibling duo, LASTLINGS.

The production from Golden Vessel on this track is smooth, the synths are dreamy and the percussion is groovy and fits perfectly especially this wooden xylophone sounding riff which plays throughout the track. This track is great to relax to as it has heaps of musical elements, but none of them take too much control over the song. The track has heaps of subtle sounds which draw you in, rather than using one loud dominant synth or drum pattern.

The vocals and guitar that Lastlings add is phenomenal, dreamy and spaced out. The duo adds a lot on top of Golden Vessel‘s already smooth production. Their addition to the track really elevates it to another level to the already musically dense production and they fit in perfectly.

Amy from Lastlings had this to say about writing the lyrics on ‘Never Know’:

“The lyrics for Never Know came together really quickly and naturally. They’re a mixture of some lyrics we already had written in our books and some new ones we came up with that day. For us ‘Never Know’ paints a picture in our heads of those times when there’s a thought or recollection replaying in your mind, but the memory is so faded and vague that you start adding different conclusions or sides to a story and get a bit disconnected from what happened and what actually happened” – Lastlings

Golden Vessel is coming out with his debut EP Before Sleep soon, keep your ears peeled until more news comes out hopefully soon.

Words by Aiden Benavides





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