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Although our Tenth Birthday celebrations are an opportunity to look back and reflect on our insane past, it’s also a chance to look forward to the future of Purple Sneakers and the music we feel will be pioneered across the world very soon.

We have a number of emerging acts on the Tenth Birthday bill, and in the leadup to the party we’re going to get you all acquainted with the new sounds we love. Last we started the party with MEZKO, and now we offer up the freshest and newest act from the bill – DUAL POINT.

Dual Point are a NSW based trio and the most recent signees to Astral People – collaborating across the internet, Dual Point create dense soundscapes, full of rich swelling layers and strong undercurrents of groove. They debuted on stage in early 2015 and have played alongside Modeselektor, Tuff Sherm, Banoffee and Cassius Select, with a live show that blends synths, samplers, drum machines, guitars and vocals.

They have finally released a debut single, but we don’t want to ruin it so we’ll let the boys take it from here…

Purple Sneakers: Names?
Dual Point:
Andrew, Reece, Rus

Where are you from?
: Shire
Reece: Woolooware
Rus: Born in Gymea, currently Byron Bay on the run from debt collectors…

What’s your story?
Have you seen that movie Blow? pretty much I’m Johnny Depp but I am a lot worse looking, I still live at home, and I have no cocaine to sell.
Reece: Been playing/making music since I was 10, kind of addicted. Just surf and make coffee and try not to eat too much the rest of the time.
Rus: I grew up with a Father who loved Nick Cave & the Stranglers, a Mum who loved the Nutbush & Sting, and a Sister who grinded to Salt-N-Pepa and that Booty Bounce track by DJ Funk. That should give you a rough idea of how the rest has turned out so far.

How would you describe your music?
My mum said it’s good and she likes the Floyd.
Reece: Well we want it to be a bit worldy, but new worldy. Not naff or in bad taste and kinda slow. 100bpm is this really nice zone where you can move to the music, but don’t have to be a good dancer. Rus is a good dancer though.
Rus: It’s like being just the right amount of ripped, listening to Pink Floyd with your hand on the volume fader while your mate plays the drums over the top.

What are your influences?
Deep Forest, Pink Floyd, Shpongle.
Reece: For Dual Point we all bring our own styles. I like Boards Of Canada synths, and vibrato/chrous-y guitar. Everything you hear influences you though, it’s cool we all show each other a lot of music, but I don’t let many people besides Rus or Andy do that at the moment so we we all stay on the same page.
Rus: Night time, headphones & salt water. Mount Kimbie, Nicolas Jaar, Alma Construct, Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andy Stott, Marconi Union, Michael jackson, Madlib, Thundercat.

Favourite local act?
Nikita Rolston because she gave me goosebumps when I saw her live.
Reece: Rainbow Chan played the best EP launch the other week so pretty frothing on her. Banoffee too, her songs are great. And Seekae have been a main stay for a long time. We even managed to get George Nicholas (of Seekae) to mix this song so yea loving George at the moment. Whadda legend.
Rus: Dunno if this counts but I have been frothing out on these kiwi dudes called Average Rap Band. Really nice sound and they rap about about being dishpigs instead of yamborghini’s.

What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 10?
Major League Baseball Legend or John Claud Van Dam
Reece: I wanted to be in The Prodigy
Mathematician / Pro skater. I had the flopped out SMP belt and an extra tongue in by etnies.

What’s your latest release?
Off the Grid!!!

Catch Dual Point alongside a whole plethora of legends at Vivid Presents: Purple Sneakers Tenth Birthday, at the Lord Gladstone, Saturday June 18th. It’s FREE but you must RSVP HERE.

Watch this space for more artists we want you to ‘Get To Know’.

Words by Tom Hutchins




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