Play God with Elohim’s ‘Pigments’


If you say you don’t like a good bit of choose your own adventure, or playing God (IE you loved playing The Sims) then you are lying. Even in this technology driven world not one person is so lazy that they don’t like to play God/Tarantino. ELOHIM, in all her mysterious glory, is clearly onto this and has delivered an interactive video for her brilliant track ‘Pigments’.

‘Pigments’ is an emotional track, with a quality that evokes a deep sense of thoughtfulness to the listener. It’s not just thoughts about the intimacy of the music itself, but rather the bigger picture of the emotions and lyrics. Focusing on this sense of emotion, the premise for Elohim’s interactive video clip for ‘Pigments’ is allowing you to control her heartbeat. It’s perhaps a little creepy, but also very beautiful.

The video is essentially a webpage that you control with your phone. Start by visiting and follow Elohim’s instructions to keep her alive, controlling the heartbeats and pigments.

Interactive videos are slowly becoming a trend with some artists, and it’s one we should be welcoming. It allows fans to interact with artists in a new way, but also to interact with music in a new way. Given that artists create music to share their passions and emotions with the world, it seems natural in this technology age that they are finding new and unique ways for listeners to step into their worlds.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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