Simona Castricum’s ‘Solid Techno Bangers’


The ever fantastic SIMONA CASTRICUM is due to play a set at Good Manners this weekend, in celebration of the industrial rave she brings with her 2016 album release #triggerwarning40.

In preparation for the show she has put together a playlist of ‘Solid Techno Bangers’ to get everyone warmed up and ready for action.

Underworld – Juanita / Kiteless / To Dream Of Love

“Best start to a techno-pop album ever – Second Toughest In The Infants.”
Club – Redheads, Sth Melbourne ’96

Jeff Mills – Java
“Best drummer in the world. Best DJ in the world.”
Rave – Apollo Festival, Docklands ’98

Luke Slater – Body Freefall, Electronic Inform
“Big track from his 1999’s Wireless album – defined brutal moody techno for me. It became a soundtrack to my 3D architectural design modelling days at university.”
University – RMIT Lv 7 Architecture Computer Lab, Melb ’99

Richie Hawtin – Minus/Orange 1
“How he got this out of one bar of a Yello song is genius”
Rave – Two Tribes, Docklands ’99

Green Velvet – Flash
“Best snare drum roll in history, perfect for the car on the way to the doof”
Road Trip – Geelong Freeway ’97

Puetino Latino – Takes U’ There
“Bring the rave – Hardware rave classic”
Rave – Planet Hardware, Docklands ’98

Monika Kruse – Wavez
“First techno femme I saw with my own eyes.”
Venue – Kryal Castle, Ballarat, 01

“Fucken banger from the undisputed God of Australian Techno.”
Club – Savage ’98

Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp
“Apparently this is trance – but nobody told me until last year.”
Club – Prince Bandroom ’98

The Astec Mystic – The Knights of the Jaguar
“Latino Tech in the late 90s was awesome and Dj Rolando created this masterpiece.”
Club – Chevron – ’00

Derrick Carter – People
“Nobody does jackin’ house and techno like DC. Nobody.”
Rave – TransAtlantic, Palace – ’98

Miss Yeti – Ganz Nah
“Nights at Pony with DJ Toupee taught me everything about EBM – old skool and new.”
Club – Meccanoid – ’03

Dj Sprinkles – Grand Central Part I
“And then I understood that transfemmes also make techno, and I thought – so can I.”
Club – First Floor – ’13

Carlos Perron – Breakin’ In
“I was late to this – but just in time all the same to find it on a Belgian New Beat mix by Theman called ‘Tribute To Boccacio’ with a sample from Warriors.”
Gym – Brunswick YMCA – ’09

Simona will take the stage at Good Manners Weekly this Friday the 22nd along with Alice Ivy and Cassettes for Kids

Words by Cailey Moroney





Future international rockstar and current music student, Cailey spends most of her time deciding whether or not she should buy Subway and purposefully trying to look as scary as possible so no one will sit next to her on public transport.