Big Wild enlists Tove Styrke to give new life to ‘Aftergold’

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California native artist Big Wild has teamed up with Swedish electro pop singer Tove Styrke to add vocals to the previously instrumental tune ‘Aftergold’, which is done to great effect with the vocals adding so much to the already catchy track.

The production on ‘Aftergold’ is solid enough to stand on it’s own, it contains some of the brightest horn hits I’ve heard and the percussion is on point with these bell sounds giving the song a real sense of movement and progression. Big Wild did a great job when it came down to the original production, it’s dynamic with heaps of stuff going on to be engrossed by that keeps on evolving over the course of the track, with new instruments and effects.

The vocals provided by Tove Styrke add a lot onto ‘Aftergold’, the track is already something the groove to and by adding in the vocals it becomes one of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard all year.The vocals manage to be as dynamic as the production and keep up with all the twists and turns while bringing in some more emotion to the song. The end result is a catchy track that is sure to get you moving.

Words by Aiden Benavides





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