Get some CGI satisfaction from Tourist’s ‘To Have You Back’


For his video ‘To Have You Back’ , TOURIST and directors Davy Evans and Jason Drew find a way to make simple CGI still life explode into visually satisfying video that complements the soft spoken electronic beats featured on the track.

The video itself serves the music extremely well when it comes to payoff. Both the track and the video for ‘To Have You Back’ start off simple and minimal and build toward the end climax, the video represents this build by showing the simple still life room slowly get corrupted by black ink which changes color into vibrant pinks and blues before exploding along with much of the still life in the video, just like the music starts off soft and dark and builds up to a colorful explosion of sound.

Tourist announced this video alongside information on the release of his debut album U, which is said to be dropping in Autumn 2016 (in Australia, Spring for the Northern Hemisphere).

Tourist has been building hype with previous singles that have charted on Triple J, Pitchfork and BBC1, now with an upcoming album and this music video as a appetiser for things to come, 2016 is looking colorful for Tourist indeed.

Words by Aiden Benavides





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