Smerz made this video, ‘Because’ they could


For something deep, a little bit light, a little bit dirty, Norwegian duo SMERZ have created the ultimate, deconstructed, piece of electro pop with their latest track ‘Because’. For a track that is full late night, dark and dirty disco vibes, the accompanying video is everything you could hope for.

Fully embracing the beauty of Scandinavia, Norwegian born Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg now call the fashionable powerhouse that is Copenhagen home. The producers are also talented vocalists, with an enchanting European accent shining through the lyrics.

Harping back to the whole Scandinavian thing, ‘Because’ is most definitely a piece of European music. The clip is sparse, you get the feeling like you are completely tripping out from time to time, and it’s like two friends have emptied out their house to leave room for the rager to end all ragers to take place. The clip was filmed in Catharina’s living room, with the idea of hoping to create both a lazy and restless feel, something that is present within the track itself.

The clip does this brilliantly, the movements are awkward, but fluid moving in exactly what you would be doing at about 4am when your best partying hours are long past, which is the exact time you would want to hear this track. The colour palette is pretty basic, but whites and purples dominate in an entrancing way.

It’s almost like they are hiding from the never-ending sun during a Norwegian summer, somewhere inside where the darkness covering you like a cloak as you keep on partying ‘Because’ you can.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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