I OH YOU’s latest signing, MOSSY, delivers the eclectic ‘Electric Chair’

MOSSY - General Shot - Square

Sydney’s very own MOSSY brings in some amazing vibes on his new track/video ‘Electric Chair’ in which both the track and the song have such a unique psychedelic feel to them you won’t be able to keep your eyes or ears away from it.

The track is has an amazing sound to it, it mixes synths with guitar and loud cracking drums to give it a feel of a classic psychedelic rock song while still being fresh in 2016 due to all the modern elements added in. MOSSY has great vocals on the track that complement the style of the production by adding several effects to his vocals that add a real atmosphere and presence to the track.  The highlights on the track for me are the breakdown and the guitar solo that plays in the last third of the track.

The video plays an odd contrast to the song as it contains more dark and dreary images while the track itself is actually quite upbeat, the video is beautifully shot  and the main environments that are shown in the video are either in dark places such as a cave and outdoors in the foggy woods or they are inside with vintage furniture and a skeleton, there’s a bit of dissonance between the song and the video which i find intriguing and oddly enough fitting.

MOSSY is coming out with his debut MOSSY EP which will feature ‘Electric chair’ as it’s first track, the EP is available to pre-order and will be dropping on the 13th of May.

Words by Aiden Benavides





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