The First Look at Nina Las Vegas’ originals; ‘Now Or Never’


NINA LAS VEGAS  has teamed up with LA Producer CZ and long time collaborator Swick to bring us  ‘Now or Never’, a track that is a homage of sorts to the nightcore/happy hardcore genre with it’s fast bpm and energetic tone.

‘Now Or never’ is a happy song that would be right at home at a rave. It starts off with with hard hitting drums in a break beat pattern with some upbeat synths, before kicking up the pace to a fast 4/4 beat that sounds exactly what you’d find in a nightcore mix.  Before finally transitioning between slow breakdowns and fast beats.

The quality of the production is great, the transitions between the different drum timings and patterns feels natural and the vocals are really on point with the style of the song. She has all the right vocal effects and her delivery is happy and dynamic.

This track really brings some personal nostalgia for me and anyone who listened to this type of music when they were younger. ‘Now Or Never’ nails the styles of music it’s taking influence from while adding in modern elements so it still feels right at home in 2016.

‘Now or Never’ is the first song to be released on NLV Records, which was started by Nina Las Vegas late 2015, and is the first single off of her forthcoming EP which will hopefully be dropping soon.

Words by Aiden Benavides





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