‘Lay Low’ with Leisure Suite’s blissful new EP

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Lay low is the Sophomore ep being released by the Melbourne duo LEISURE SUITE who come into this album with some real laid back vibes that are perfect to chill out to. 

So consistently this EP provides very deep and bassy production that holds a huge presence on the low end while letting the high frequencies be dominated by the vocals, the lead synths that do appear in the high frequencies tend to either be high noted percussion hits like on ‘Shame’  or very soft notes of piano, synth or guitar such on ‘Feel’ and ‘Steady as it comes’, the production feels held back and minimal on purpose to allow the vocals enough space to shine while still having that bass filled foundation that keeps everything so grounded.

Lay low builds up to it’s final track by starting very minimal with the title track ‘Lay low’ which is a one minute instrumental that leads into ‘Heavy Head’ which is a mellow track that has some great minimal production. ‘Shame’ picks up the pace by adding in more wood block percussion and vocal overdubs which noticeably build the track to sound grand and dreamy, a theme that continues with ‘Sweet Gin’ which adds a long sweeping synth on top of the drum line and bass.

‘Feel’ includes more individual note hits rather than a sweeping synth and the synth notes have a very soft pretty sound to them. Finally we have ‘Steady as it comes’ which is an absolutely beautiful track that blends these lovely piano chords along with plucked guitars that fill the song and complement the vocal tracks so well, it makes for a great finale to the EP.

Leisure Suite‘s sophomore EP, Lay Low, is out now via Deaf Ambitions, and I’d recommend downloading it or streaming it ASAP.

Words by Aiden Benavides






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