Annabel Jones releases an irresistible new single with ‘IOU’

Annabel Jones by Pip for Atlantic Records US

ANNABEL JONES is looking to be one of the biggest names of 2016, here latest release, ‘IOU’ is a testiment to that.

The whole song is full of staccato hard synths, nice and quick, ‘IOU’ which has a great beat and is a total catchy pop track. Jones’ extremely attractive voice only adds to this fast paced song with her high yet edgy vocals, it really brings this track to life.

The single is full off sass, eg. “it doesn’t matter what I do you’re going to hit me with the truth” – it’s everything a pop track needs to be; colorful and fun.

Yet, there are two sides to this track, you get Jones‘ amazing voice followed by a completely captivating beat, but there’s also the meaning behind the song. The lyrics actually are the polar opposite to the pop genre, which may be why the song is so appealing.

‘IOU’ is easily a track that you can chill out listening to, or getting ready for a night out. Much Like the track ‘IOU’, Jones‘ has set out for her EP to be something that whilst catchy also has a lot of meaning behind the music. “I don’t want to make some-one feel empty. I want them to feel full of meaning.”

Keep an eye out for Jones forthcoming EP, Magnetic.

Words by Molly Wilson