Letherette throwback to the 90’s with ‘Rayon’


The UK based duo LETHERETTE has released a taste of their first new music since 2013’s self-titled debut album with their track ‘Rayon’.

‘Rayon’ is the duos opener to their EP ‘Refresh’ which will be released the 5th of February and what an opener it is.

‘Rayon’ is the epitome of dance floor track, it meets all the requirements for a feel good tune with its crazy good beats, its style and combination of funk and soul and its ability to keep you from wanting to take life so seriously. ‘Rayon’ can make you want to dance your life away.

‘Rayon’ has nothing but tasty chords, a soulful vibe and a killer beat. Channeling the same energy as legendary dance dj’s Armand Van Helden and Henry Street, Letherette’s ‘Rayon’ throws you back into the 90’s with its catchy rhythm and jaunty ambiance.

If ‘Rayon’ is just a sneak peek of what to expect from Letherette, I assume the rest of the EP will jolt our minds with funky tracks that’ll blow up the dance world and will keep us grooving till the early a.m.

Words by Molly Wilson