ROMY ‘Wild Heart’ (Official Video)


We recently covered Brisbane/LA artist ROMY‘s debut single ‘Wild Heart’, and whilst our expectations were set pretty high after that, we weren’t exactly ready for what she still had in store for that song. Now, she has released the track’s accompanying visuals in a brand new self-directed clip, and the results are impressive to say the least.

Joining the ranks of TINASHEPIA MIA and more, ROMY‘s superstar qualities shine through here. Expertly pulled off, the clip sees her battle some inner demons as it focuses on “the anxious struggle we all feel to break free of social expectations, and the bravery and loneliness involved in succeeding.”

Mysterious, a little unnerving but totally enthralling, if ROMY ever decides that music isn’t her thing, it’s pretty clear from this clip that she is also a talented director. Completely capturing the dramatic nature of the track with this, ROMY has given extra depth to an already deep song, and made it incredibly interesting whilst doing so.

Said to be putting the finishing touches on her debut album in LA right now, 2016 is looking very promising for ROMY indeed. There isn’t any official word yet about when we can expect to hear that, so this will just have to do for now; luckily it’s just so damn good!

Words by Emma Jones.





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