World Champion ‘Avocado Galaxy’ EP


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting pretty much all year for this release. So much so that when I saw this one come through to my inbox, my heart skipped a beat or two.

WORLD CHAMPION have been making waves in music communities all across Australia with their electronic heavy brand of psych, and it’s more than refreshing to hear too.

The Future Classic signees sit pretty alongside psych darlings Jagwar Ma, and whilst the two make similar music, it’s not easy to get the two confused. After all, World Champion have done so well making a sound that is entirely their own.

They’ve today dropped their debut EP Avocado Galaxy, and it’s the EP you’ve been waiting for.

We open with the eponymous track, which also happens to be the very first single we were given from these guys. ‘Avocado Galaxy’ is not only a breath of refreshing, summer air, but it’s a testament to the way these guys approach their music.

Infectious pop, simple riffs and an incredible eye for keeping the percussion fast paced and entirely up there, this one will leave your head spinning.

‘Tip Pit’ is track two; a guitar heavy summer’s night. It’s a bit slower, but that’s not an indication that it’s a slow jam. Far from it, this one is straight up psych goodness. There’s a pattern emerging in this EP; crisp guitar riffs, crafty percussion and a feel within the vocals that really raises this one to 100%.

Relying heavily on the guitar to carry the melody, it’s nice to see their talents showcased entirely here. And we’re only on track two.

We were later given the second single, ‘Shakes’ from World Champion; a bustling pop number with shuffling percussion and breathy vocals. It stands out as characteristic of their sound so far, and I think if anything, shows how diverse these guys can be. It’s a track for the vocals, not only the psych goodness, and I think that’s definitely important.

We’re left with ‘Avocado Moon’, a fucking intense seven and a half minute jam that solidifies these guys’ prowess when it comes to creating forward thinking psych. What I like is that they haven’t been conventional with this one. It’s psych, but it’s not rock. And they’ve nailed it.

World Champion are no strangers to the innovative and the kooky. With a warped sound that puts them up there with psych pop heavyweights like Jagwar Ma and even Tame Impala‘s new stuff, it won’t be long before these guys are a staple name in the Australian music scene.

You can grab World Champion‘s debut EP Avocado Galaxy here.

Photo by Al Kalyk

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





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