SoundCloud Wrap: Tashka

Tashka (Each Time)

She may only be on her second release, but looking parallel with her run so far, it doesn’t look like Sydney songstress TASHKA isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

After releasing her debut single ‘Taken’ a little earlier in 2015, she’s received blog love from all over Australia. And without question too.

Not only is she a killer songwriter and vocalist, but she’s a producer too, working hard on her tracks to get that perfect balance. Her sound is one of intense finesse, with her vocals complimenting the lax style of production so aptly.

She’s just put out her second single ‘Each Time’, and if you haven’t worked out by now, we’re ridiculously huge fans of Tashka here at PS, which is why we wanted to ask what the singer/songwriter/producer has been listening to as of late.

Wafia ‘Heartburn’
Hooks for days. Super catchy track with lots of summery vibes.

Sophie Lowe ‘Pink Flowers’
Love the lyrics to this song and the boldness. Slick synths are my weakness. Really cool video for this too.

Andrei Eremin ‘Two Dones (x Nearly Oratorio)’
Beautiful textures just weaving in and out. The production is insanely good, full of subtleties which I love.

Sex On Toast ‘Talkin’ Over’
Melbourne guys who bring so much funk, you can’t not dance to it. I love the piano in this track too, classic.

Sleepmakeswaves ‘Something Like Avalanches’
Huge fan of these guys, their song structures always taking you to new places. There is something about instrumental music I find really soothing. I could listen to this on repeat for days.

Bryn de Neve ‘Dreamer
This song is super catchy, with tight harmonies and sweet production underneath. What a voice.

Touch Sensitive ‘Arnold’s Theme’
One of my favourite artists hands down, lush synths. Instantly takes me to the tropics.

Boo Seeka ‘Deception Bay’
Really love the groove of this track. More killer vocals and really percussive drums.

Meg Mac ‘Never Be’
I love her sound so much, so distinct. Can’t help but sing along to it

Mura Masa ‘Love For That (ft. Shura)’
Really dig his songs all round (check out Firefly too for pop goodness). He always integrates interesting elements into his songs which I love.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





No idea where she’ll be in 10 years, but as long as she has a good record and a glass of white wine, she’ll be sweet.