SoundCloud Wrap: RaRa


Melbourne mish-mash group RARA have absolutely got the whole genre-exploration thing down pat. It may be partly because of the intergalactic and out of this world nature of their sounds, but there’s definitely that mixing pot element to their sound.

The quartet have got a new EP out. Called PLANET2016, it’s filled with alt-hip hop goodness, and more than anything, it’s original and contemplative.

The future beats they’ve conjured up fit nicely with the group’s overall aura, and they’ve created a sound and an image for themselves that really represent something different.

We grabbed a couple of minutes from the guys to give us a rundown of what they’ve been listening to lately and over the courses of their lives. There’s an incredible array of sounds ranging from Kirin J Callinan and Friendships to ASAP Rocky and other notable hip-hop artists.

KL: Roots Manuva ‘Snake Bite’
‘Each and every sound that comes out of this man helps me stay sober! Always the most phat, trippy, and melodic sounds which go way too deep for my brain to handle. Roots Manuva is the reason I picked up a microphone. I also managed to share the stage with Rodney… before the bouncers decided I wasn’t yet fit for the stage.’

The lovely me: Kirin J Callinan ‘Embracism (FC Infinity Jesus // Friendships Edit)
‘This reminds me of 7AM at the club or doof or whatever when u hear that song and feel its euphoria resonate with your own internal euphoria. the first time i heard it i felt googd (and i wasn’t)’

LL’VO: Animal Collective ‘Did You See The Words’
‘I connected very strongly with Animal Collective, they taught me to just do me, and create sounds how I want to. Catching them at 08/09 Meredith, kookt as, was 100% a defining moment in my musical career/artistic journey.’

River Deep: Fortunes ‘Keeper’
‘Good tune from some hectic local hot boys. Their live show is well worth copping a ticket to and Hoodie EP is more than well worth a listen. If you haven’t heard, go and educate yourself. COP COP’

KL: Lorde ‘Tennis Court’
Lorde is a massive inspiration for me as a singer. Teaching me how impactful simple and straight to the point lyrics can be. Her album Pure Heroin opened my ears to a whole new range of catchy hooks and strong harmonies. Maybe one day we’ll date for a bit and If I’m lucky she can write a breakup song directed at me lolz.

The lovely me: Travis Scott ft. Young Thug ‘Skyfall’
‘RODEO is HOT but THIS still HOT TOO! don’t forget the heat of days passed’

LL’VO: A$AP Rocky ‘Keep It G’
This whole tape was on another lvl,. But this joint had me coz I love SpaceGhostPuurrp and fantasise about rocky and puurrp not beefing and getting back in the stu. Puurrp deserves more love.

River Deep: Keita Juma ‘Grill$’
‘This dude’s music is really interesting…G R I L L $ got me on a serious head nod but his style is eclectic as fuq which makes his Soundcloud as a whole a grouse playlist. H O L Y is another one that’s hot as shit.’

RaRa group choice: Outkast ‘Da Art of Storytellin’ (Part 1)’
‘ALL time innovators of the game who essentially did laps round the whole left field of Hip Hop, and ended up dominating the mainstream. From their vocal creativity to their fly stage energy – they’re a BIG influence on us as a group. This track is what it’s all about, being artful about tellin’ ya truthz.’

Manager’s pick: Dahlia Black ‘Fuck A Rap Song’
“This thing is the Bermuda triangle of rap songs. It sucks you down and heaves you up like black bile. Contains the weightiest whisper vox ever. Damn.. DARK. Self-negation has never sounded so badarse.. ‘fuck a rap song, gonna make a fuckin movie’ ..not a bad mantra for some rap reformers with mad vision!”

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





No idea where she’ll be in 10 years, but as long as she has a good record and a glass of white wine, she’ll be sweet.