Wafia ‘XXIX’ EP


Christmas is around the corner, so it seems appropriate that we’re presented with not only her previously released track titled ‘Heartburn’ from WAFIA, but an entire EP too.

The EP itself took her two years’ of work to put it all together, and she’s thought about all the little details – XXIX is named after the elemental symbol for copper as it is malleable and subject to change, something she said that resonates with her and the state she is in at the moment.

The EP is introduced with a gorgeous piano sequence, one that’s dark, brooding and mystical in its approach. It feels like a glass of whisky by an open fire.

‘The Raid In’ features her Lorde-esque vocals, but there’s an element of maturity that she captures so aptly in this dark number. The production is wistfully delicate, but contrastively, the beat is rather hard hitting. We’re immediately drawn in to the minimal approach to the quantity of instruments, but it’s the way that they’re utilised that makes this one so complex and sophisticated.

‘Heartburn’ is the first single from Wafia’s debut EP, XXIX, and it’s a strong opener. Within a heartbeat she’s launched straight into the narrative with her syrupy voice. We’re sucked in first by the lyrics and then by the warm gloopy beats and Broods-esque piano and synthy hums.

The song is slow, full of anger but not so much anger at her ex as it is about the anger she directs back into herself – ‘tell me why am I emotional, when I knew it from the start’. Fellow Future Classic darling Ta-ku is on co-production duties for this single.

She brings forth a slow jam in ‘(Untitled) شيطان’, but if anything, this one hits the hardest. There’s an authenticity that sits deep in her voice that rings especially true in this one. You can absolutely tell that the EP was recorded over a long period of time, it’s so clean and perfected.

We’re left with the final track, ‘Fading Through’ which Vancouver Sleep Clinic left their vocals for. Minimal seems to be a theme on this EP, but the silence is utilised so expertly, it feels purposeful. I think this one is the most gorgeous track on the EP, her vocals are so delicate and fragile, and when the harmonies hit, this one is brought up to a completely new level.

Wafia has paid her gratitude to Ta-ku, Thrupence, and Brisbane’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic for their helping handiwork on the mixing of this incredibly groundbreaking EP.

It may be the first official long release from Wafia, but with a track history as incredible as hers, it’s only a matter of time before the world knows her name.

Wafia‘s debut EP XXIX is out now via Future Classic.

Words by Katie Rowley and Caitlin Medcalf





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