SPiON ‘Sunset’


SPiON’s shiny new track ‘Sunset’ presents itself as a bit of a European powerhouse dance number, full of big, bold sounds and rousing vocals. The joint collaboration is a platter of musical styles from their hometowns of London, Bergen and Copenhagen, which works together to become a unifying and feel good dance number.

The intro to the track sounds a bit like the sound bite for BBC World News. The track actually features the voices of the Norwegian National Broadcasting choir, and the NNB is the equivalent of the BBC so maybe that’s where the news report sound-alike comes in.

The angelic harmonies of the choir support the Imogen Heap-esque vocals of Ina Sagstuen, which provide something uplifting and inspiring to latch onto during the powering track.

There’s a thumping Baywatch style beat which keeps on going and would make for a great soundtrack to a film segment, probably the segment where you’re really rooting for the underdog and clenching your fists as they fight their inner demons to make right what they got wrong.

The trio has been writing together since 2007 for the likes of MNEK, Pusha T and Sinead Harnett, but ‘Sunset’ is their first official output of their own. It’s a bold debut track centered round synth heavy stuff to stir you into action.

SPiON have plans to release an EP in the new year, hopefully as propelling and precisioned as this first taste.

Words by Katie Rowley






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