Billie Eilish ‘Ocean Eyes’


What were you doing at 13? Was it the Miley Cyrus of Hilary Duff era? Were your fashion statements horrendous? Your social skills awkward? Either way, whatever you did, whether you thought it was great or not, 13 year old LA Native BILLIE EILISH is here with her debut ‘Ocean Eyes’ to put you to shame.

Maybe your spare time involved milkshakes and spending all ofyour dollars on cheap mascara at Priceline. OK, your life may still involve that one, but it’s safe to say very few of you managed to write, and record a wondrous, piece of indie-electronic pop at that age.

The lyrics have a deep sense of sadness to them for someone of 13 years. We have all had a pair of ocean eyes in our lives at some point, the memories may make you smile wistfully, or perhaps they still fill you with a pang of pain, and this song will make that happen.

Billie Eilish has a voice that is comparable to the likes of Lana Del Ray, Lupa J, or Ofelia K. The sound is simple but catchy. It meshes with the lyrics to create a track that you can listen to over and over again.

‘Ocean Eyes’ features layered vocals to create a dream-like sound; the percussion is electronic and really gives the track some groove. The sound is simple, giving room for Billie’s voice to really make the music.

This amazing talent is definitely one to start following, check out her Soundcloud for updates on this budding career!

Words by Madeline Kilby






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