Lapsley ‘Hurt Me’ (Official Video)

LApsley Hurt Me

After selflessly giving the world a birthday gift by dropping her track ‘Burn’ on her 19th Birthday, the flip side to that B-side, ‘Hurt Me’, has now been gifted by LAPSLEY, along with a mesmerising and eerie video to earn your attention.

Where ‘Burn’ was a pretty and angelic sounding track, with deep and soul-filled vocals, ‘Hurt Me’ explores less of a ballad sound, and delves more into an electronic sound.

The sound for ‘Hurt Me’ could possibly find itself associated to a slightly more upbeat set of vocals in an alternative life. The deep piano chords aside the beat is created by a series of crooner’s finger clicks, and there is some pretty fun sounds all meshed in there. Alas those powerful vocals are attached, and this cements Lapsley as both one to watch, and one not to mess with. Her vocal range is spellbinding as she starts the track in a gritty, almost spoken manner, before launching into the chorus.

The video for ‘Hurt Me’ was filmed around Lapsley’s hometown near Liverpool. Sauntering around a desolate looking forest, it is like she is lost in her own, painful emotions. Strangely there is something beautiful about the setting, with the brighter outlook outside the forest often just visible in the frame. Leaving the forest the song jumps to a more powerful chorus, all the sounds remain the same but it’s like a journey through the emotional pain. The video draws to a close with Lapsely standing alone on a very wintery looking beach, however its an indication of a brighter horizon, and the video has literally shown the full 360 of an emotional journey. Told you there would be many things to feel.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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