Floating Points ‘Nespole’ (Official Video)

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FLOATING POINTS is coming to Australia for a nationwide DJ tour. To celebrate, well let’s be honest it probably wasn’t a celebration for this announcement per se but more the next step in a well executed marketing schedule, he’s shared the video for ‘Nespole’, the opening track from his forthcoming debut album, Elaenia.

Neuroscientist by day, DJ/producer/composer by night, classically trained from a young age and signed to the excellently curated Eglo Records (which he co-founded), Floating Points has been busy headlining house festivals on Croatian islands over the past few months alongside heavyweight names like Four Tet and Daphni.

The new video for ‘Nespole’ is directed by Sander Houtkruijer and features the dancer Kiani Del Valle who choreographed the stop-motion style routine specifically for the track. The robotic moves mix into jerking spasms, which are carried by the trademark Floating Points’ spacey lows and crimped high notes.

She dances sadly with tears in her eyes, and although the track crescendos and intensifies the music is never rushed, instead eking out a melody via multiple instruments.

His latest offering never quite gets “going”, but that’s not what Floating Points does. He makes you listen, actually listen to the levels and layers and the instruments at play, and encourages you to ask why he’s chosen to use that particular instrument or why he’s placed that sample there, he makes you listen and reflect rather than just wait for the drop. It’s quiet and thoughtful, perhaps best late in the evening.

Pre-order the Elaenia album via iTunes and receive the ‘Silhouettes’ video and ‘Nespole’ single instantly. Even better, the Australian edition of the album also features an exclusive 14-minute bonus track, ‘Loop 43’ which is sure to fill all your end of house party needs.

Floating Points Australian Tour Dates

Friday 11th December – Adelaide, Sugar Nightclub

Saturday 12th December – Meredith Music Festival

Sunday 13th – Melbourne, Freedom Time #2

Friday 18th December – Perth, Urban Orchard

Saturday 19th December – Sydney, Oxford Arts Factory

Sunday 20th December – Brisbane, The Foundry

Words by Katie Rowley





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