There’s no doubt that you would have at least heard CLAPTONE‘s name in passing over the last few years. The mystic bird-like shape himself is emerging from his studio and taking his new sounds out into the world.

We were lucky enough to premiere a mini-mix of his newest LP Charmer and since its release, it’s pretty easy to say that the 13-track body of work features some of the most clean house cuts we’ve heard.

Aside from being aesthetically smooth and technically precise, it’s contrastively got this really raw attentiveness that feels most apparent in the instrumentals he’s handpicked for the album.

Claptone will be heading to our shores later next month as part of Stereosonic, and we’re super excited to catch him when he comes.

It only felt organic that ahead of his dates here in Aus, we wanted to ask him to give us an insight into what’s been looping on his SoundCloud as of late. Not only were his responses incredibly powerful tracks, but his justifications as to why he enjoys them are so profoundly succinct and very well seasoned.

Claptone ‘The Only Thing’

‘The Only Thing’ is the current single from my debut album ‘Charmer’. I tried to do something that differs to most of the boring club tools. I wanted to write a song with a memorable indie voice, which is nice to listen at home, but also works on the dancefloor.

Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch ‘L.O.V.E.’

With ‘L.O.V.E.’ Purple Disco Machine and Boris Dlugosch created a deep funk tune, which refers to classic French house. The track is driven by a catchy guitar riff and some nice piano licks. The sugar sweet vocals complete this great track.

Patrick Topping ‘Sussed’

Patrick Topping is known for house bangers, which can be played in every club set. His new track “Sussed“ doesn’t disappears here. It has a pumping beat, some weird bleeps and some razor-sharp high hats. Well done Mr. Topping.

Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith  ‘Omen (Claptone Remix)’

When Disclosure asked me to do this remix there was no way for me to say no. Beneath a great production, ‘Omen’ has this ecstatic hooks sung by Sam Smith, which distinguish a great pop song. It was easy for me to take this delicate track to the clubs with my remix.

Lowheads ‘Morphrhodes’

Tracks on Strictly Rhythm always embody the true spirit of house music. In ‘Morphrhodes’, the drums have this classic house structure but they get relaxed through some lovely Rhode lick loops and deep house stabs. You’ll definitely hear it in some of my future sets.

Copyright Ft. Andre Espeut ‘Be Together’

With ‘Be Together’, Copyright created a really nice vocal house tune with the deep and passionate voice of Andre Espeut. The track is characterized through a striking organ chord and some funky guitar riffs.

Janet Rushmore ‘Joy (Sony Fodera Deep Mix)’

This remix shows Sony Fodera‘s skills at their best. He created a great new interpretation of this 90s house classic by producing a classy funky house instrumental to compliment the soulful vocals of Janet Rushmore.

Genghis Clan ‘In The Club’

In the club is a stomping house tune for the floor. The production reminds me of some older fidget house tunes but it’s also combined with some elements of modern house. The key component is the repetitive vocal sample ‘You Can Find Me In The Club’ which is layered over a wobbling bassline and some solid beats.

Nhan Solo ‘Feeling’

‘Feeling’ has this nice mixture of organic soulful beats with the ambience of an edgy dance floor stomper that you hear usually in an after hours in some darker moments. The gloomy atmosphere gets more laid-back through a few decent chords and moody soul vocals.

DJ E-Clyps ‘That Brooklyn Ish’

What I like about this composition is that the production reminds me of some old school hip-hop tunes. The gritty drums and organic rhythms are fuelled by some moody chords and deep piano stabs. Great to play in the beginning of the set or on rainy Sundays.

Charmer is out now via Exploited

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





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