Roland Tings ‘Hedonist’


Fresh off a national tour on the Listen Out tour, ROLAND TINGS has shown just why he is one of the most exciting names in the country and has released a new track.

Titled ‘Hedonist’, the over 8 minute epic is a sprawling exercise in all things Roland Tings – what he’s good at, where he’s been and where he’s still going to go.

Tropical, rich, pulsing and heavy on the disco vibes, Tings has done a superb job with this number. Continually outdoing himself is something he has gotten really quite good at, and if you – like me – were blown away by his album released earlier this year, strap yourself in for this ride. In more of a marathon than a sprint in song terms, the track is careful and considered, with each and every second of that 8:17 minutes accounted for.

Percussion focussed with stabs of synth for good measure, Roland Tings keeps it fresh whilst throwing back with a healthy helping of nostalgia. Reaching a near euphoric state by the end, the producer keeps the track at a steady intensity, never once falling flat. From the bouncing synth and rolling snares in the intro, to the luscious breakdown just under 3 and a half minutes, all the way through to the angelic outro – ‘Hedonist’ is Roland Tings at his finest.

Having just three dates remaining on his tour schedule for the foreseeable future, we can only hope that means even more new material is on it’s way, and we hope even more that it sounds a little like this. Check the dates below and take our word for it – see this guy live!

Words by Emma Jones





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