Mura Masa ‘Love For That’ ft. Shura

Mura Musa

Meet MURA MaSA, the guy Diplo says is “destroying the Internet”. Teaming himself with edgy electro artist SHURA, he has launched ‘Love For That’ to keep on keeping on with the destruction.

Mura Masa is 19-year-old Alex Crossan, who hails from the humble Channel Islands. His childhood was spent jumping between guitar, piano and drum lessons, with his talent for creating music nurtured while writing with local bands. At the ripe old age of 17 he moved to producing, and now, describing himself as a “beat slayer heart breaker producer singer writer lover”, he has gained 10 million plays and 100 thousand followers in 18 months. Hence Internet destroying.

Featuring the vocals of Shura proves musical finesse oozes out of Mura Masa. She has made more than a name for herself through her vocals and production skills and the two blend in one of those “please Sir, can I have some more?” kind of ways.

‘Love For That’ opens with a deep, classical string section. It then jumps into a sound that is playful and has an oriental tinge. As the track continues Shura’s angelic vocals become manipulated and the beat really comes into its own as more and more new sounds mesh together. Highlights go to a pan flute section thrown into the mix. The track finishes back with that string section. It’s a playful track but it does certainly have an emotional edge.

You can grab ‘Love For That’ now on iTunes and put it on repeat. You should listen many times to take in all the sounds. This is just the first single off Mura Masa’s upcoming debut album.

Words by Madeline Kilby






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