DJ HMC’s Ten Most Influential Techno Tracks


He’s been hailed Australia’s “godfather of techno” previously, and there’s really no question as to why.

Based in Adelaide, Carmelo Biamchetti AKA DJ HMC rose to great prominence back in the 90’s. As one of the pioneers of techno and house on our shores, he basically put Australia on the map.

Since then, he’s been incredibly busy not only with his own musical projects (aside from DJ HMC, he curates sounds under the Late Night Tuff Guy moniker), but behind the scenes too.

His involvement with Juice Records in the 90’s has since seen him expand recently to his own label, Reflector. He’s got a 12″ reissue coming out really soon of previous singles ‘6AM’ and ‘Marauder’, and under his DJ HMC moniker, he’ll be playing a very one off show in Sydney.

Finely Tuned are heading to the Greenwood Hotel in North Sydney to throw one huge Halloween bash. Aptly called ‘Lost Disco’, they’ve enlisted the help of some big names as well as some local friends for this one. DJ HMC will be heading out to Sydney for this event, equipped with his fine-tuned techno expertise.

Ahead of his return, we were lucky enough to grab a huge history lesson in some of the best. DJ HMC gave us a run down of his ten most influential techno tracks, and I think I’ve learned more about music in these 10 songs than I have in any of my uni classes in 2015.

He wanted to stress that these were in no particular order and that “this is what [he] was feeling at the time [he] put it together and there is no doubt that it would change every time.”

Millsart ‘Step To Enchantment’
Axis Records, 1993
Set the standard for this style of Techno.

Rotation ‘Moondust’
Juice Records, 1993
Dark and moody, just the way I like it. By far my favourite Aussie slice of Techno.

Caustic Window ‘Astroblaster’
Rephlex Records, 1992
There are many Aphex Twin records that I love. This one gets me every time. Relentless!

BFC ‘Galaxy’
Fragile Records, 1990
The very first Carl Craig produced record I bought. An absolute masterpiece, especially this track (Galaxy). Still sounds like it was recorded a thousand years into the future.

Underground Resistance ‘Backroad To Nirvana’
UR, 1991
Weird, dark, and funky. UR at their best.

Basic Channel ‘Phylyps Trak II’
Basic Channel, 1994
Hypnotic bliss.

Drexciya ‘Positron Island’
UR, 1993
Incredible electronic funk from Detroits finest.

Robert Hood ‘Ride’
Axis Records, 1994
The original minimal man.

Kenny Larkin ‘Integration’
+8, 1991
An anthem in my home town Adelaide. Amazing track!

Blake Baxter ‘When A Thought Becomes You’
UR, 1991
The Prince of Techno.

Lost Disco
Saturday, October 31
Greenwood Hotel, North Sydney
With HMC, Mr. G (Live), Fur Coat + More
Tickets are available here

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





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