RaRa ‘Faries’ (Official Video)


Continuing to surpass any and all expectations, no matter how high, Melbourne hip hop group RARA have just released the official video for their latest single ‘Faries’, giving us further insight into all that they’re capable of and more.

It’s been just over a year since the release of their first EP, Pink and Teal, but it seems that time was not time wasted. Instead, the boys have clearly taken it upon themselves to not only develop and grow as artists but also as a group. When you talk about RaRa, the “innate chemistry” they have as band will nearly always come up – and for good reason.

‘Faries’ is the first release off their new concept EP, PLANET2016, and it’s an infectious R&B jam with futuristic production and four equal spotlights on each member of the band. Whether it’s rapping or singing, each member is equal in not only their input of the track but also the quality. Having four vocalists is not something that would be easily achieved, but the RaRa boys pull it off with such ease.

Set in the Yarra Ranges National Park and created by Creative Head Productions, the clip for ‘Faries’ really does look out of this world. Almost like a scene out of Avatar, the mossy trees, big boulders and sprawling rainforest setting perfectly suits the track and the concept the boys are going after.

PLANET2016 will be out at the end of October via Zero Through Nineand if this is anything at all to go by, we can still expect a lot more to come from RaRa.

Words by Emma Jones.





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