Kacy Hill ‘Foreign Fields’ (Official Video)

Kacy Hill

What do you get when you combine a globally renowned photographer, an American Apparel model-backing dancer and a self-proclaimed modern day genius? Well, new music that is actually far more sedate and humble than you might have guessed.

Last year, KACY HILL (former model and dancer on Kanye West’s Yeezus tour) announced her musical leanings with the self-released single ‘Experience’, which caught the attention of Mr West who duly signed her to his GOOD Music label.

Now, nearly a full calendar year later, we’re hearing the second chapter in the story of the Queen of Cool’s story. Her new single ‘Foreign Fields’ comes with a beautiful video shot by fashion photographer and global influencer RANKIN, featuring theatrical masks, pastel hued veils and fluttering auburn hair that obscures Hill’s pale freckled face. The short film is interspersed with snapshots of a teary eyed Kacy, struggling, almost drowning, in the wind machine, whilst infants in the nude flash across the screen – it’s a classic throwback harking to the likes of Kate Bush or Björk eras. Rankin’s direction has ensured a highly polished advertorial finish, which comes from pairing a seasoned model with an acclaimed photographer.

The man behind Kim Kardashian’s haute-couture transformation has previously professed his adoration of James Blake’s synthy minimalist style, and the influences of this can be heard throughout Kacy’s own music – no doubt a push factor in Kanye’s decision to sign the young LA based artist. There’s a similar sparse aesthetic and roaring crescendo of synth, a delicate structuring of vocals and drum work, and richly textured piano chords. Listening to the familiar choppy pianos and crackling electric clicks in the beat work, it’s no surprise to learn that London lad Jack Garratt was behind Hill’s studio production for the track.

‘Foreign Fields’ has just been rolled out on Apple’s Beats 1 global radio platform, and will feature on Hill’s upcoming debut album. She says that the release will be her own take on future pop, and judging by ‘Experience’ and ‘Foreign Fields’ it’s set to be a collection of more low key and stripped back numbers than much of the music from her hip hop focused companions at GOOD.

But despite the flashy endorsements, don’t dismiss Kacy Hill as a passing phase just yet – perhaps because of her eclectic influences, her acknowledgement of her stylistic predecessors and her own informed musicality, Hill is able to create a timeless classic sound. Have a listen and watch her new video below:

Words by Katie Rowley





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