Beat Connection ‘So Good’ (Official Video)


With Summer right around the corner, BEAT CONNECTION have chosen the perfect time to release their official video for hit single ‘So Good’.

Summer and pools – they go so well together, right? The Seattle-based foursome that make up Beat Connection have hit the nail on the head with this clip. The video is set at a public swimming pool that features people dancing, swimming (shock), and basically leaves you begging for the sun to hurry up and come out.

The recently released music video was produced by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Daniel Kaufman, and reportedly draws its inspiration from a British painter David Hockney’s painting Sun On The Pool – which is totally clear after comparing.

‘So Good’ is the latest single off the group’s forthcoming album called Project 3. The song perfectly incorporates classic sounding 80’s synth pop with hand claps, finger snaps, and swirling and twirling electronic sounds – all resulting in one breezy and catchy summer tune.

While pop is the first to spring to mind as the specific genre for Beat Connection, the guys express their sound so clearly when they say “with Beat Connection there is a self-conscious awareness that we are operating within a tenuous pop music realm. We’re almost trying to be the Merry Pranksters of that world, poking pop music in the eye with a stick while also giving it a handshake” – and we couldn’t have explained it better ourselves.

Words By Emma Gordon