Banoffee ‘With Her’ (Official Video)

We had high expectations for BANOFFEE‘s new material, but her latest single ‘With Her’ totally blew us away.

Her unique blend of pop and R&B, flirting with electronica and possessing one of the most memorable voices in Australia’s current musical climate, and an air of refined direction made for a tremendous return last month, and now she’s done it again with the video clip.

It’s a simple clip, starting off with our leading lady in drenched clothing singing to the camera. There is something about it that makes her seem so small and vulnerable, as she sings about something that has really hurt her. Clear and crisp, the stunning colour palette works to liven up the otherwise sorrowful nature of the song. In the same way her upbeat production gave a second life to her forlorn lyrics, the clip’s background of synchronised swimmers and bright colours gives a second life to her raw performance.

The running theme of water continues with Banoffee standing under a running shower, again wearing a similar pink to the one she was wearing in the pool, still singing her raw lyrics. Almost looking slightly uncomfortable, as if the lyrics and the song are bringing up her painful experience, the unnerving and honest feel of the track is conveyed so justly.

October is looking pretty great for Banoffee, as it will not only bring the release of her EP but a national and long-awaited tour as well. Towards the latter half of the month, she’ll be hitting Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and if ‘With Her’ is anything to go by, we can still expect big things from her on the horizon.

Banoffee Tour Dates

Saturday October 17 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Thursday October 22–  Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday October 23 – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Friday October 24 – Howler, Melbourne

Words by Emma Jones.





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