yumi zouma

It must be tough living between New York and Paris… How unlucky do you have to be to live like that? YUMI ZOUMA are unlucky (read: so fucking lucky) enough to be in this position, but somehow they make it work.

Released through Cascine/Spunk, the 4-piece’s second EP, aptly titled II, has received massive acclaim for it’s silky melodies and it’s strong dance elements – it’s the most melancholy club music we’ve heard in ages, and we love it. The band are currently touring across Asia Pacific as a kind of homecoming (as they hail from New Zealand), and we managed to grab them for a quick SoundCloud Wrap.

The Yumi Zouma team have kept this mixtape close to their hearts, with a selection of artists they are lucky enough to call friends and tour mates, whilst also showcasing some brilliant songwriters from their native NZ.

Lontalius ‘Comfortable’

Eddie is from Wellington and is a genius. You should be careful when listening to this song, because I haven’t been able to stop listening for the last two weeks and it’s destroying my life.

Chromatics ‘The Bell’

Feels like smoke curling up from a cigarette that someone left burning on a baby grand piano around three o’clock in the morning in some night club from the future

Korallreven ‘Here In Iowa’

Korallreven are awesome and are breaking up (this is their final song ever). We’ll be playing their final show with them in New York on the 17th of Sept

Paradis ‘Garde Le Pour Toi’

Paradis are from France and make the best music to take the metro to

Jack J ‘Something (On My Mind)’

Jack J is one half of Pender Steet Steppers who soundtracked our long North American tour drives down the west coast a few weeks ago

Strange Names ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ (Doss Remix)

Strange Names rule. We met them when we were in New York last month and their new album is super legit. We also had the pleasure of sharing a bill with Doss at Elvis Guesthouse in Brooklyn earlier this year and it was absolutely insane, just like this remix

Silicon ‘Burning Sugar’

Silicon is the new project from Kody Nielson. He has a special place in our heart as he soundtracked our teenage years with his band The Mint Chicks, and later in a band called Opossom (with the world’s greatest, Bic Runga). His new stuff is amazing and we’re seeing him play tonight in Auckland.

Trick Mammoth ‘Delphine (With A Purpose)’

I think Trick Mammoth are from Dunedin and I’ve never seen them play live before but this release with a song called The Pinker Sea is fantastic and I hope we get to see them soon

Juniore ‘Christine’

We played with Juniore last year in Paris. They are a French band fronted by a Franco/American who splits time between Paris and the States. Best band we’ve ever played with

Kirin J. Callinan ‘Landslide’

Kirin J. Callinan is from Australia and we saw him play for the first time a couple years ago at Camp A Low Hum in Wellington. He dressed up like a topless Spanish bull fighter and delivered poetry while playing a noise set surrounded by nothing but a circle of Boss pedals. We said we liked his Sydney FC tattoo and he said “you guys must’ve been Football Kingz supporters”. Love at first sight is a beautiful thing, but not as beautiful as this song

Catch Yumi Zouma in Australia this week for the finale of their Asia Pacific Tour, dates are below:

Thursday, September 10
GoodGod Small Club, Sydney

Friday, September 11
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne





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