Clarence Clarity ‘Will To Believe’ (Official Video)


Sounding like Yeasayer thrown into a compactor/wood-chipper/giant blender of some kind, CLARENCE CLARITY is the dose of weird that we all need in our lives right now.

Combining bright pop vocal melodies, with washed out production and completely wired instrumentation – Clarence Clarity truly offers a distorted and kind of terrifying look at pop music. He has a history of pairing these anthemic-cult-like creations with equally mind-bending clips, and ‘Will To Believe’ is no different. In fact he got hold of visionary director Vinyl Williams, another artist willing to create brutally disjointed and powerful creations for this clip.

Speaking to DIY, the producer spoke of working with Williams for the first time: “Rather that continuing to rip him off, I thought I’d ask him to get involved this time! He’s created a fully 3D world based around some of my ideas of isolation in space, insanity in solitude, joy in the unknown and pushed them through his totally unique kaleidoscope of colour and mind-melting CGI.” 

So get ready to sing along, and then regret you clicked play, sing along again… and eventually have that strangely hypnotic track stuck in your head all day.

An interactive version of the video is set to be released soon. Clarence Clarity‘s debut album, No Now, is out now via Bella Union.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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