Collaborations are a great way to keep things fresh, especially when the colab is formed between two already fresh as hell.

After the magical ‘Benjamins’, Gold Coast vocalist CVIRO and fellow GC producer GXNXVS have teamed up again for another hugely catchy and fresh (must be our word of the day) single! On sober, CVIRO’s entrancing vocals connect with GXNXVS’ synth driven melodies in a truly powerful way – creating a unique and hazy sound.

Since the duo’s progressive and futuristic take on classic R&B is refreshing and captivating the world right now (‘Sober’ was in the Top 5 most hyped tracks on Spotify) – we thought it’d make sense to ask them what other material influences them both.

Although these answers are from CVIRO, we’re assured that GXNXVS was consulted during the process.

Nico Ghost ‘Cold Ass Bitches’

Nico Ghost is a good friend of ours, and he’s been around a lot of our sessions over the last year. GXNXVS really shows of his versatility on this one, allowing Nico just the right amount of space to show us his amazing flows and melodies. I have had this on repeat for a minute.

GoldLink ‘Dance On Me’ (su na Remix)
su na who is part of the Flow-Fi family delivered the goods on this remix. I love the original, but he took it to a place that exceeds it. The production is very minimal, breaking down to almost acapella at one point. Su Na’s chords give it all the right feels.

Roy Woods ‘Get You Good’

Canada has been killing it for the last few years, and Roy Woods fits perfectly on the OVO roster. I love the MJ type adlibs he hits on this track. This is that late night driving through the city music. That late night smoke a joint to music.


I’ve been a fan of Tek’s for a while, and he absolutely smashed his remix of ‘Benjamins’ for us. The church bells create a story telling vibe over hard drums. Someone needs to give this one to Nas!

JMSN ‘Bout It’

JMSN is incredible, I couldn’t single one track out. He’s a talented producer, performer, writer and singer and this album is exactly what R&B should sound like in 2015.

Memeb ‘Thousand Words’ (Ft Kaleem Taylor)

Memeb are the homies and they make incredible music. This is one track that GXNXVS and I had on repeat when it came out. Soulful dance music at its best. Memeb and Kaleem are a great match.

Vanessa Elisha ‘Down For This’

It’s not really a secret, but not many people know that Vanessa is my sister and one of my favourite female singers out right now. No favouritism though (maybe a little). This is a quite a sinister track, however, there’s an element of brightness to the hook that balances it out making it all kinds of dope!


The soundtrack for 3 am You just press play and your good. But when you really pay attention, you will discover a whole other layer of brilliance to Party’s sound. The combination of his melodies and productions put him in a league of his own.


GXNXVS and I wrote this record last year, around the time we did ‘Benjamins’. We had a very specific sound in our head, which was to take 90’s New Jack R&b to the future. If you like this track there is a lots more CVIRO & GXNXVS to come this year!





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