Chaos In The CBD ‘Midnight In Peckham’ EP

Chaos in The CBD Midnight in Peckham

Apparently there is a cultural Renaissance going on south of the Thames in London, as Peckham is emerging as the go-to indie hub. In an alluring twist the musical side of this movement is being lead in part by two brothers from New Zealand known better as CHAOS IN THE CBD, who have just dropped their latest EP Midnight in Peckham to prove this point.

Chaos In The CBD is the moniker of Auckland born brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales. Since making their debut in 2012 they have taken many musical angles, from vocal heavy deep house to strains of techno. Midnight In Peckham is a four track EP that cements the brothers’ ability to create unique sounds, blending jazz and deep house to evocative perfection.

The EP as a whole transports you to a club thick with smoke, ladies oozing glamour, dapper men in suits and hats; rubbing shoulders with the truest fans of deep house in the deep of the night, the eerie, that still moment just before sunrise.

The jazz side of things features expected piano notes and muted horns. Giving off a melancholic vibe, you picture rain drizzling outside window somewhere in the streets of London. A sense of warmth is uncovered as the percussion takes its place within the tracks, and you feel the deep house influence take hold.

Chaos In The CBD have delivered an EP that gives you both something to chill to, and something to groove to. You can grab it now on iTunes, and play your part in Peckham’s Renaissance.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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