Homeshake ‘Give It To Me’ (Official Video)


Let’s be real, if you only clicked on this article due to the fact that I wrote the words MAC DEMARCO in the first line, then you’re the kind of person I probably hate. Yes, Mac is a legend, but just because HOMESHAKE has a link back to DeMarco, doesn’t mean everyone has to keep saying it over and over. I guess I should be happy that you’re here and now I can welcome you into the world of Peter Sagar.

Although Homeshake has been the solo project of Sagar for a while now, most people would recognise the Canadian as the former guitarist for DeMarco. Unfortunately the strain of touring constantly became too much for Sagar, and he left the band. Being back in Montreal full-time allowed the multi-instrumentalist re-assess not only his personal life, but also his own music – and Homeshake has been reborn.

Even last year’s, In The Shower, was a little restrained, as Sagar worked hard to find his own style of songwriting – often falling back onto the influence of life with Mac. Albeit a very solid LP, at times the constant guitar based tracks felt forced. Fast-forward to right now, and Sagar is readying the latest Homeshake album, Midnight Snack, and it already looks to bend genres and expectations of the project.

Off the back of the fucking huge yet slow burning ‘Heat’, ‘Give It To Me’ is the second cut from the new LP and sounds very different to anything Homeshake related we’ve heard before. Guitars take a the furthest backseat, as warped synth lines and a slow/dirty trap beat create the base for the track. Sagar‘s vocals act as the centrepiece, washed out and surrounded by his own chipmunked choir, he yearns for someone to “give it to me” in a creepy, yet endearing tone.

The seductive number is paired with a clip shot on Coney Island, whilst Sagar visited NYC to see D’Angelo (I don’t blame him for making the trip). With Pitchfork‘s Jim Larson behind the camera, we see the Canadian suffer horribly on the roller-coaster, interspersed with shots of him posing near weird locals and holding a snake. What else do you even want from a clip?

Midnight Snack is out September 18 via Sinderlyn and Strange Yonder in Australia.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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