Doja Cat ‘So High’ (Chris Calor Remix)

Doja Cat Purple Sneakers

Not too much is known about the mysterious feline-loving LA singer/rapstress Doja Cat, nor the elusive remixer CHRIS CALOR, other than that he shares a name with a late Surinamese politician active in the 60s.

Calor only has five tracks up on his Soundcloud and his location states that he’s based in the United Arab Emirates. His Instagram, however, shows a tattoo’ed, baseball cap wearing teen, clad all in black and looking more like he’s fresh outta the Cali hills. Anyway, the point is it doesn’t matter how well known either of the artists are, nor does it matter where they call home, all that matters is that this is a very nice little find to stumble across on a Monday morning.

It’s the sort of track that puts a little glow to your day, makes that cup of tea you’ve made taste extra warm and sugary and if you listen carefully, very carefully, you can hear those birds sitting outside your window in that tree tweeting and chirping along in time to Calor’s syrupy sweet track.

Serene millennial beats kick slow and steady throughout, reminiscent of the Internet age drum samples being made by LIZ or early Nicki. The muffled mumble entwines with some dainty piano chimes – you can just about make out the lines ‘put it on me’ and ‘so high’ every now and then. Calor has sped up the original so that it sounds even cuter and more dulcet than Doja Cat’s, aka 18 year old Ami Zandile, psychedelic vocals.

The remix bursts into a kaleidoscope of shimmering sparkly glockenspiel, synth and gentle keys, before fading out. Aaaaaaaah – big yawn, stretch it out, shake off the last remnants of sleep and you’re now ready to begin your day.

Words by Katie Rowley





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