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Byron boys Toby Mason and Eli Coppock have transgressed their small town roots, via on going stints in the darkened clubs of Melbourne, honing their deep house electronica in their beachside Byron studio and across metropolitan dance floors.

NUTRITION, as the boys are collectively known, have released their debut EP, Conditions, and it’s good. Really good in fact. The three-track EP features lead single, ‘Soluppgång (Pt. 1)’, a textured, chiming, evocative nine-minute epic. Their sound is ambitious and expansive, a sonic experimentation across strains of deep house, techno, R&B, garage beats and just general fun time vibes and innovative samples.

We caught up with the boys for a quick chat about all things delicious and nutritious:

Describe the ideal setting in which you want to play your music and for it to be heard.

N: We always talk about the idea of a beach party, so probably on an island somewhere chillin’ in the sun.

Your lead single is called ‘Soluppgång (Pt. 1)’. What the hell does that mean?

N: It means ‘Sunrise’ in Swedish. Inspired by the fact that our manager Harry is half Swedish, and his mum is so Swedish.

Do you know what part 2 is sounding like, or is it still a work in progress?

N: Top secret.

Why do you choose to record in Byron? Does your hometown shape your music, or was it maybe a reaction against the docile area?

N: It definitely has shaped it to some degree, I feel like our music is always influenced by where we are recording it. Recording up there makes us want to write like explorative and experimental music, where as in the city we really get into our grooves and our techno.

With the above in mind, what kind of atmosphere and space do you like to set up when making music?

N: I think we like to make it like a little escape from the rest of the world. We love to deck out the studio with some plants, some cool lights & comfy chairs. Somewhere we can just relax and really get into the music.

Just so our readers can build some rapport with you here, can Eli you tell us something about Toby and Toby you tell us something about Eli?

Eli: One of the weirder moments was when Skrillex recently played our song ‘Habitat’ at his Jack U Album launch party with Diplo. Individually umm, Toby is the Under 12’s national sprinting champion.

Toby: Eli has his rap alter alias “The Orad” vinyled down the side of his car.

Your EP, Conditions, is a really dynamic and interesting piece of music. I’d say it’s quite an explorative and sensitive strain of house music but nevertheless very much indebted to classic house and techno. What kind of DJs or festivals were you listening to and attending before making the EP, as I’m guessing your music is informed quite strongly along a certain sonic line?

N: Let Them Eat Cake, Strawberry Fields & Splendour in the Grass have been our favourites in the last 12 months. We drew inspiration for a whole lot of acts that were at these festivals and around the time of the EP just a lot of really bizarre old vinyls.

Have you done much touring?

N: We’ve only had a small taste so far.

Who and what do you bring with you on the road?

N: We always have our laptops by our side and a disposable camera.

How do you get around when playing shows – is it just a case of Jetstar 2 for 1 offers and driving long hours in a cheap hire car? Personally, I think that sounds terribly bromantic.

N: We’re a big fan of 2 for 1’s and sharing some crackers on the flight.

Speaking of which, any plans to head out and play across Australia any time soon?

N: Hopefully we’ll be touring in the near future, but no set plans just yet.

Who did the artwork for the EP cover? It’s an interesting image with a hint of Coldplay’s ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ album – your ‘Conditions’ EP certainly gave me a rush of blood to my head, is it fair to say that Coldplay are perhaps the biggest influence at play here?

E: I make most of the artworks for the project and it was all yellow.

What were your first shows like?

N: Really sweet and surprising. We supported Classixx from LA for our first show then flew to Sydney for EMC.

What are your shows like now?

N: Groovy and super fun. Bit of a party really.

How do you feel about quick fire rounds?

N: Love’m


Last film you watched and with whom?

E: How to Win At Bingo, with Toby

T: How to Win At Bingo, with Eli

Last hangover you had and what caused it?

E: Too much wine and cheese at bingo night.

T: Too many beers at bingo night.

Last time you cried?

E: No avo’s ripe at the supermarket.

T: Seeing a double rainbow.

Last random act of kindness (either done by you or unto you?)

E: Bought some dude a falafel.

T: Touching on my Myki card on the tram.

Thanks for your time guys, and best of luck with the EP and single release!

Nutrition’s EP, Conditions, is out now and available for download via Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

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Words by Katie Rowley





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