Sydney funked up four piece RETIREE are busy packing their bags for their This Place EP launch tour. An EP that is already picking up rave reviews across the world for their silky grooves and strong songwriting ability.

The band is hitting the road in June and July with support from Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section and Sui Zhen, but to fill your time between now and then they’ve kindly hit us up with an extensive and groove-filled SoundCloud Wrap.

Bryan Ferry ‘Avondale’ (Idjut Boys Remix)

Bryan must have liked what the Idjut Boys did with Don’t Stop the Dance because he has swiftly re-enlisted their studio wizardry for his recent material. Would love to see the gear adorning their studio, but for now the only documentation is their musical output on SoundCloud. Hopefully that means a physical release is on the cards!

Dick Diver ‘Waste the Alphabet’

This is from a beautiful album that we’ve been thrashing lately. We wanted to include ‘Year of Pictures’ but it wasn’t on Soundcloud. Check that one out for a cheery film clip featuring the gang on the golf course. This is also a lovely cut.

Jose Padilla ‘On the Road’

Co-produced with Tornado Wallace, our favourite track from Jose’s recent album ‘So Many Colours’.

Jack J ‘Thirstin into Atmosphere’

Recorded and played live, which is what drew us to both tracks. They flow into each other quite dynamically. Love the live drums and percussion in both.

Tevo Howard ‘Summer Romance’

An enjoyable mellow groove from Tevo Howard. Never goes anywhere, but never goes away. Enjoy this in the late afternoon with a glass of Milo.

New York Endless ‘A Consultant’s Agreement’

Music for your imagination and/or your body. His Beats in Space mix is great too.

Sui Zhen ‘Take It All Back’

The latest offering from Sui Zhen. Simple, strong and elegant. Looking forward to hearing it in the context of her next record/tape.

Farbor Resande Mac ‘Quaaludes’

Enjoying what Aficionado are putting out at the moment. Very relaxed drums, subtle guitar licks and warm floaty pads make this one very easy to listen to.

Oxhead Woods ‘Tricks’

One of those tracks you wish went for twice as long, then continued into a bunch of similar tracks to make up an album. So far Oxhead Woods is lurking inconspicuously in Melbourne outputting Abbey Road-sounding tracks from his lounge room. Waiting eagerly for his first show.

Weird Weather ‘Southland’

Not sure how we found this guys stuff but have loved everything he has put up on soundcloud. This track in particular is very chuggy and features some great digital synth melodies and a solid bass line.

This Place EP is out now via Plastic World.

This Place EP Launch Tour Dates

Jun 24
Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

July 2
Howler, Melbourne

July 4
Rocket Bar, Adelaide


Words by Katie Rowley





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