HOMETOWN GUIDE: Maribou State on Hertfordshire, England


It’s not often you come across an artist that’s truly connected to their hometown. Unsurprisingly, most creatives call the city their home and in a way cut ties with the place they grew up in. Not MARIBOU STATE though. The duo of Chris Davids and Liam Ivory, are Southern England through and through. Just look at their SoundCloud location.

When listening to Maribou State‘s debut LP, Portraits, you can feel the English countryside deeply embedded in there. Albeit perhaps not intentionally. Through the blissful synth lines and the melancholic structures, you can envision a gorgeously clear day amongst the green hills.

The guys are making serious waves off the back of the album, which was released earlier this month, so we felt it was necessary to get an insight into the lives of Maribou State. Of course, when we asked for a Hometown Guide, the guys gave us a personal look into growing up in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire…


The Alford Arms

The Alford Arms is quite possibly one of our favourite pubs outside of London. It’s the perfect spot in both winter and summer and the food is off the chain! Bubble and Squeak done in a way you’ve never had before.

Ashridge Ancient Yew

This tree holds a lot of memories for us both. We used to go there a lot with our families when we were younger. I think over the years most of our friend’s names have been carved into the tree. There’s a local monastery nearby and you used to see Hare Krishna’s meditating in the tree. It was also used in for a bunch of films like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Harry Potter’. Unfortunately it was hit by lightning recently and is now no longer with us.


Devil’s Bridge

For many years we believed a thousand and one horror stories about this bridge and in our youth made many attempts, some successful some not, to approach the bridge and pass through it, despite knowing of the supposed dead nuns buried in the walls. Now we’re older, we’re less fearful, although still appreciate the sight.

The Rex Cinema

The Rex is a spectacular cinema that’s right in the center of our town. It’s been named Britain’s most beautiful cinema by the BBC. They can often be a little slow on the uptake of new films but always pull through with listings. Super comfy seats, with an area downstairs where you can seat in a cinema style seat at a table and eat dinner.


Berkhamsted Castle

English heritage at its best and there’s a lot of history here although for us it’s just a perfect summer hangout spot. Over the years the old caretaker on site has never bothered us. We’ve spent a lot of summers here with friends having BBQs and just wasting away the summer sun.

Portraits is out now via Counter Records/Inertia.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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