HOMETOWN GUIDE: Alta’s Best Melbourne Breakfast Spots + Awake For Days EP


They’ve made a name for themselves in recent times for being one of the more eccentric and therefore exciting acts to come out of Melbourne. Their unpredictable, refreshing and so-damn-fun sounds have seen duo, ALTA, cement themselves as an act to keep both eyes on, as they continue to surprise and thrill audiences and listeners with their party jams.

Building on the groundwork already laid from last year’s releases like ‘Hold Your Fire’, ‘Wash It Down’ and ‘Wandering’, the duo of Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson made sure their return was well and truly heard with last month’s release of ‘Moves’, and more recently their latest single ‘Alive Again’. If those new songs weren’t enough for you though, you’re now in luck with the announcement that their new EP Awake For Days dropped last friday!

The four track release shows a huge step forward in the already promising skills Alta possessed. From the plunging, hypnotic, trap styled opener of ‘Esses’; the lush and emotive title track; the experimental, unsuspecting ‘Stashing The Lot’; and their latest two singles, ‘Moves’ and ‘Alive Again’, Awake For Days is a very impressive EP from a very impressive act.

Ahead of the official release date, we managed to get the duo to give us a little bit of an insight into their daily lives, and to tell us their top Breakfast Spots in their native Melbourne. We are predicting even bigger things to come for Alta, with this EP a sure-fire sign of great things to come!


Everyday Coffee, Fitzroy

Everyday has you sorted for coffee… everyday. Seriously though, these guys know their shit when it comes to all styles of coffee and all styles of music because their playlist is always on point too.


Tabet’s Bakery, Brunswick

Handmade legit Lebanese food, cooked in some massive fire oven. Don’t know what a Shanklish is? Just get it – it’s all good – no jokes. This isn’t strictly “breakfast” food, but nobody can tell you what to do man. Tabet’s is my hot tip. I come here for breakfast like 1-2 times a week and it’s amazing.

Also the IGA across the road has a killer deli cheese section. I’m talking wheels. It’s like a bloody cheese bridgestones. Here is what you do. Grab some pepper pecorino from IGA, a zaatar bread from Tabets ($1.50), go home and poach some eggs. Also get a kishik or spinach/cheese pie to snack on the trip home and you’re kicking serious goals.


Wide Open Road, Brunswick

Known as one of the best cafes in Melbourne for a reason. Amazing food. Amazing coffee roasted on site. Vintage car on the walk to the toilet. You can’t go wrong.


Konjo Café, Footscray

Chef Ramsay would be losing his shit in this place, because he can’t say “you need to cut down the fucking menu, there are too many fucking options” cos there are only two breakfast options. They’re both vego and they’re both tasty so flip a coin and get on with your day. Real Ethiopian food. Get some traditional Ethiopian coffee. It tastes good. Also no knives ‘n’ forks just piles of bread. Don’t be precious just use your fingers.


A Minor Place, Brunswick

A Minor Place, more like… a major place. This little café has been kicking around for a minute but it’s vibe is crème fraîche. This is the regular spot. Real good stuff. 

Awake For Days EP is out now through Caroline Australia.

Words by Emma Jones.





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