Slum Sociable ‘Anyway’ (Official Video)


The illusive Melbourne duo, SLUM SOCIABLE, still only have one track to their name. Whilst everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of their debut EP, they’ve offered up a video clip for their only song ‘Anyway’.

On the surface this unconventional clip doesn’t offer up much, there is no narrative and it focuses on one continuous scene in one location. But that’s actually its appeal. Directed by the great/weird Danny Cohen, who you may know as the mind behind from Mac DeMarco‘s Cigarette Heaven and Chela‘s Romanticise EP cover, the clip follows a number of colourfully cloaked people move erratically around a bright room.

It’s such a simple concept, but so is the track itself. As the parts of the track “become paired with the unorthodox glitches and tweaks that continuously interject, ‘Anyway’ results in an abstract harmonious choir for the forward thinker.” And the same can be said for the movements and direction of the clip.

The more the movements change and become more intense, the more they mesh together. The mind loses touch of where the person ends and the cloth covering them begins. It ends up looking like a mind-melting array of colours shifting gracefully across the screen, and the abstract result is the perfect homage to the soundtrack.

Slum Sociable made their live performance debut at this year’s Sugar Mountain festival, and are pleased to announce an upcoming [nearly sold out] Australian national tour in July in support of #1 DadsSlum Sociable‘s debut EP release will be announced soon.

Words by Tom Hutchins



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