PHYSIQUE is a new boogie and disco based project from Sydney based producer Andrew Elston. The project continues the traditions and spirit of those styles whilst maintaining a sound firmly focused on the present.

If you were lucky enough to get yourself an in to Onra‘s headline show to launch the Red Bull Music Academy presents The Studio series at Vivid LIVE, at the Sydney Opera House, you’ll be witnessing the live performance of Physique as the support.

But before he hits the stage, we grabbed his favourite tracks for our SoundCloud Wrap.

Harvey Sutherland ‘Bermuda’

I love anything with a rhodes, plus the groove is hard! Stinging to get my hands on this 12 inch.

Brian Ellis ‘Peg’

This is a new release from a great new modern funk label from Austin TX. I’ve been following Brian Ellis for a while and this combines two of my favourite things, yacht rock and talkbox!

Razor-n-Tape ‘909s and Herb’ (Ft. Sammy Bananas)

Razor-n-Tape are a fantastic label. This is a great, super in depth edit feeling the vibes!

Fingazz ‘Get It Up’

I’ve been into Fingazz for a while, he does the “Classics for the OG’s” series – talkbox covers of funk classics and replays the whole lot. This is off the most recent volume and it’s amazing.

Fantastic Man ‘Fountain Gate’

I love most things that Mic Newman / Fantastic Man touches and this is no exception. Another 12 inch I’d like to get my hands on.

XL Middleton ‘Anti-Slumper’

This track is gangsta! XL Middleton was a funk mc/producer who has is now heavily involved in the modern funk movement. This track is the business.

Inkswell ‘Jade Skyfall’ (Ft Isaac Aesili and Harvey Sutherland)

From the same compilation the always-working Inkswell teams up with Harvey Sutherland and Isaac Aesili for this deep and soulful vocal cut.

PLAzA ‘Chickens in Space’

Brian Ellis ‘Cabernet’

Voltaire Records are one of the labels at the frontline of Modern Funk. Super musical, fun and imaginative both of these tracks have great energy and are very inspiring.

I love the synth adventure of PLAzA and the raw energy and guitar work of Brian Ellis.

sasac ‘Pig’

What can I say? I don’t know much about sasac, but I like it! Smoooooooth.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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